Shadowboxing (Single​-​2012)

by Peet Caliber



-"Peet Caliber will be our final #FridayFeature of 2012. It was actually supposed to be go time in November but being from New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy derailed that plan. At any rate..,

Peet Caliber is another name I cam across on my inbox and when I first heard his cut Amoxicillin I was hooked. This was a man perfect for our Friday Feature. He gets after with a no frills approach and brings raw lyricism over big beats. And speaking of Hurricane Sandy, how about a little silver lining in it’s aftermath? Shadowboxing is certain to make heads nod with production from Luv Jonez. Spit game from Peet Caliber that puts the listener on straight survival mode." Via HHD.COM (

-"New Jersey rapper, Peet Caliber‘s new single “Shadowboxing” starts off with sound clips from Fox News disparaging climate change and those who believe in it. I assumed this meant “Shadowboxing” was going to be a heady political track but I was wrong. Caliber shows off his word play skill right away with lines like “I beat you with a concept over and over like Tyler Perry.” Of course later in the track he hamhandedly calls to “burn O’Reily and Hannity” so I guess it all balances out." Via SurvivingTheGoldenAge.COM (


released November 15, 2012



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